Due to incessant brutalisation of Nigerians more especially the youths by special anti robbery squad popularly known as SARS has resulted to public outcry by the general public. The protest attract national and international concern as the protesters flooded the street of Lagos

while others trended it on twitter on other popular social medias such as Facebook and Instagram. The outcry for termination of the Nigeria Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) was reported to be the most trended topic on twitter yesterday as millions of Nigerians both within and outside the country join in combating the demon as it was referred to. SARS has reported to be harassing life out innocent young Nigerians by unlawful extortion from this innocent Nigerians.


According to one of our reporter “they now parade the streets with POS for those who don’t have cash for bribing their way out could make use of POS transfer. Its quite sad realising that the Nigeria Government seat and watch such an evil act strike through yet do nothing to combat of mitigate it to the minimal as its reported that they now operate fearlessly and more brutally recently.

We all hope that the Nigeria Government though something this time as the outcry/protest has attracted international attention.

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