how to choose a blogging niche

No man is a master of all trades that is why it is necessary for one to choose an area of specialization.

What is blogging?

Blogging is simply a means of sharing your ideas with the public using the internet as your communication medium.
So, for you to start blogging at least it is expected that you have a significant knowledge of what you want to blog about.

No man offers what he does not have, so therefore if you don’t have a concrete idea of the niche or area you intend to venture into, you are likely to fail. And this makes the need to know the right niche to choose for blogging very important.

How to choose the right niche for blogging

Before choose a niche for blogging, you need to ask and answer the following questions and the ability to answer all these questions below, will definitely go a long way in making not only to know what want but also how to go about getting what you want.

What type of blog do I want?

There are so many types of blogs that are into so many different areas such as SEO, Fashion, Diet, Fitness, Digital currency, Sports, Athletics and others too numerous to enumerate.

Before you answer this question; what type of blogging do I want to venture into, you need to put factors such as personal interest, capability and final turnover expectation into consideration. Ability to answer this question what type of blog do I want accurately, will definitely go a long way in in assisting you on how you can choose a niche for blogging.

What is my area of interest?

Your area of interest is highly important as everyone performs better in executing projects related to their area of interest. Starting a blog may seems to be fun and enjoying at the initial stage but most bloggers often give up few months after lunching their blog, this is not far from the reason not only as a result of insufficient fund to continue, but lack of passion and desire to proceed.

One thing is for us to admire, another thing is to truly want what we admire. Don’t get driving into a niche that you don’t have any passion for just because it looks profitable or because it sound so creative, rather venture into what you love doing or you can possibly do without being paid yet will be happy doing it.

Every man has a passion and also his area of excellence so venturing into your area of excellence will be your best bet as you are likely to scale through irrespective of the huddles you may encounter.

What are my good at?

This question is highly important in a scenario where your area of interest is not your area of specialty. We live in a society where people don’t do what they love anymore instead they do what pays them. A society where people are pushed into big professions by their parents and wards irrespective of their own personal desires and aspirations in life.

Having this in mind, we often recommend new bloggers to venture into area they are perfectly good at.

What will I find joy writing about?

Irrespective of pursuing money and hustling to succeed as most people will put it, the need to be happy doing the things that gives you money can not be neglected. Happiness is the key and a fundamental right in life, so everyone deserve it irrespective of what may be the cost.

Doing the things that makes you happy and still making money from it is far better than doing what gives you money but doesn’t make you happy. So to choose a niche for blogging, we highly recommend that you go for things that you will find joy writing about.

Who are my audience?

The desire of every blogger is to reach certain class of people in the society. Knowing more about these people you intend to reach out to is very important. So we recommend you do a little research on your targeted audience.

This research should target the following;

Their geographical location,

Their principal interest, and

Financial status.

Knowing their geographical location will help you in channeling your adverts, which will in return cost you less and still reach a large and targeted audience.

Knowing their interest and the type of content the truly want will go a long way in helping you to create valuable contents that have the capacity of bring audience and more conversions.

You should also know that people only come back to a blog or forum they feel that offers them value, no man waste his time and data frivolously. So having this in mind you should research on what type of content they will value most and have the ability to offer them service that they can’t easily get elsewhere.

Who are my competitor’s and what advantage do I have over them?

Every market is filled with competition and the ability to defeat your competitors is your chance of succeeding in business. So you need to do a thorough research about your competitors, how saturated your intended niche is and your competitors strength and weakness. Research more about their weak points as this will serve as your stronghold which you need to capitalize on to survive in the industry.

How will I monetize my blog?

To make money is the key focus of every blogger! It is highly important to research on possible ways to monetize your blog before you even venture into blogging. To know more on how to monetize your blog read up the article How to make money through blogging

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