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The need to be financial independent can never be neglected and as such a lot of Nigerians are seeking for information on how to make money online in Nigeria. In pursuit of money a lot of Nigerians has choose to indulge into illegalities which include internet fraud among others. In this article titled how to make money online in Nigeria, we are going to discuss some few reliable and realistic means in which a Nigerian can comfortable make cool amount of money online on daily basics doing legitimate online business here in Nigeria

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Ways to make money online in Nigeria.

Below are list of legitimate means to make money online in Nigeria

Blogging as a means to make money online in Nigeria

Blogging remain one of the most creative and legitimate online business in Nigeria though it requires a lot of work as a beginner but the reward worth the required effort on the long run.

To start blogging in Nigeria, you need to choose the right niche. Choosing the right niche has been a very big problem as most Nigerians want fast money making lane without realizing that in life you have to work for your glory or stay and admire others victory. The Era of manna has gone and this is what a lot of Nigerians still fail to understand.

Our little advice to you is to stay focus and never be in a hurry cause the money you are looking for will definitely come though it may take a little time.

In choosing your niche you have to consider the following;

  • What are my good at
  • Who are my expected audience
  • What do they want
  • Can I meet up with their expectations
  • Who are my competitors
  • What is my advantage over my competitors

To know further on how to choose your blogging niche, read up this article how to choose a blogging niche

How to make money online in Nigeria as a student by blogging

There are a lot of methods to make money from blogging in Nigeria and these include the following means;

  • Advertising
  • Google AdSense
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Endorsements
  • Others

To know more on how to monetize your blog or make money from blogging, read up the article How to make money through blogging in Nigeria

YouTube Videos

YouTube is considered the most popular video search engine in the world and is rated the number two website in the world after the most popular google, with an audience of three 3 billion people, which is approximately halve of the world population and 2/3 of the internet population.

To make videos on YouTube, just like Google, you also need to choose a niche (that’s if you are hoping to build and audience and make money from the videos you upload).

How to choose a niche on YouTube

Most Nigerians on YouTube are mostly into comedy videos, though this is a lucrative niche as it has the capacity to attract more audience. Of course the country is bad so every Nigerians want something that can make them happy, keep them away from worries, and this account for the reason why most Nigeria comedians and musicians are very rich.

Irrespective of how lucrative this niche may seems to be, everybody can not be a comedian

Just like the saying “If every man becomes a Doctors who then will be the patients?

If you are good at comedy, you can proceed with this niche as long as you are sure you can fit in, be patient and consistent enough. If not we will advice you to choose a niche of your passion where you can suit best and where you will be willing to give in your best. To know more on how to choose your niche, read up the article “how to choose a niche for YouTube channel

how to make money online from YouTube in Nigeria

The goal of every hustle is to make cool cash, no matter how small it may be but let it be consistent and steady. Making money from YouTube is not very easy but its far easier than making money from blogging. As videos sale more this days than content and a lot of people are not willing to read long article but may be willing to watch videos that may take minutes.

To monetize your channel, you need at least 10,000 watch hour which may not be easy to get for beginners and will definitely require a long period of time, consistent and devoted work to achieve.

Read up how to make money from YouTube here in Nigeria to know more about YouTube and how to make money from YouTube.

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Cryptocurrency as a means to make money online in Nigeria

This stands the chance of the most creative, that’s if it not the most creative legitimate online business as long as 21st century is concern. Cryptocurrency or Crypto as its shortly referred to is a new type of digital currency or in other words a new generation currency as its mostly referred to.

Crypto is a diverse and a new oil money business and the fastest means to make money as long as soft money is concern. The review and introductions of cryptocurrency and how to make money from it as a Nigerian is beyond the scope of this content so we strongly recommend you to read up how to make money from cryptocurrency in Nigeria, how to start a cryptocurrency business, how to earn free cryptocurrency online in Nigeria, how to be cryptocurrency trader, and historical review of cryptocurrency by Crypto FAQ.

You can also join the cryptocurrency forum on Crypto FAQ where you can meet professionals and also amateurs like you. Crypto FAQ serves as a home for new babies and people who intend to venture into  Cryptocurrency Business.


Freelancing as a means to make money online in Nigeria

This is another means through which you can make money online as a Nigerian, in freelancing you sell your skills and talents to people who are in need of it around the globe from the comfort of your house.

The good news about this money inflow pipeline is that you got paid hourly just like American standard but the bad news is as a Nigeria, to build trust is very difficult. Reason for this we believe you know, but those who don’t know, Nigerian as a Nation is known globally for fraudulent activities most of it all is internet fraud. This has gone so far in painting the image of every Nigerian black that most people out there finds it so difficult to believe a Nigerian. Even we here in Nigeria still find it difficult to believe our selves.

If you are interested in Freelancing and wish to know more about freelancing, kindling read up how to make money from freelancing as a Nigerian.

eCommerce business as a means to make money online in Nigeria

As the name sounds, ecommerce business is another means of making money online as a Nigerian by selling products online. eCommerce can be done in two methods, either by selling your own products or by selling for people and collecting commission for every products sold.

This line of business can be a very creative one in advance society where people make billions of dollars through ecommerce. But for a society like ours where people are yet to fit into buying things online, one may probably face some challenges but the good news is that the reward worth the effort as it will definitely pay back on the long run. There are a lot of things to do and things to also know before starting an eCommerce business.

In this article how to start an eCommerce business in Nigeria we discoursed all you need to know, steps you need to take and the rightful way to start an eCommerce business here in Nigeria.

Social Media marketing as a means to make money online in Nigeria

The popularity and influence of social media in our recent society has made the need for social media marketing inevitable. Though it has created a lot of jobs for young Nigerians and Students, thereby reducing poverty rate of in the country.

Social media marketing is simply helping businesses and organizations to meet their expected audience on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platform. Though social media marketing is a cool way of making cool cash, it also has it ups and downs. If you are interested in social media marketing kindly read how to become a successful social media marketer in Nigeria.

Affiliate marketing as a means to make money online in Nigeria

The last but not the least on this article, is how to make money online in Nigeria via Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing simply means recommending other peoples products to buyers online.

In affiliate marketing, you get paid by commission from the money made from selling the product you recommended.

The amount from each sold products may be small in figure but when the money is calculated by total number of people that bought products through your recommendation, the little amount of money becomes tangible if not much.

You can become an affiliate marketers for online stores like Amazon, Jumia, Konga and large and small online stores.

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate marketer, then we recommend this article how to be a successful affiliate marketing in Nigeria

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