how to make money blogging in Nigeria

Every laborer deserves a wage

Creating contents is not easy and as such need a reward. To make money blogging here in Nigeria should be a necessity not an option. There are a lot of means through which you can make money online legitimately blogging here in Nigeria.

We will discuss extensively some of these means hoping that it will expose you to some of the money-making channels that has never come to your mind. Below is the listing of these channels



Selling Adverts still remain one of the major means of making money online this days. One of the major ways you can make money from blogging in Nigeria is by selling Ads. It may amaze you to know that all the major big social media you know make over 80% of the revenue from adverts. Selling of advert to you may not actually look realistic to be a major stream of income to this big social media. One way we wish to use to velar your doubt is this simple calculation; assuming that Facebook has a user database of over 2billion people, and 1million out of the 2billion which is 0.0005% of her user choose to run advert with just $1, $1 multiply by 1miilion = $1,000,000. This is just money made from advert run from less than 0.0005% of Facebook user.

Selling adverts could be of different types example include Google AdSense, selling of Ads to companies in your niche and Branding.

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Google AdSense

Just like the name sound. AdSense as it is shortly called is a means of making money from your blog by showing adverts from google on your blog. When google show adverts on your website, google pays you 69% of the revenue generated from the Advert. Google AdSence brings money via two means, which are impression and pay per click (PPC).

By impression we simply mean money made alone by displaying the adverts on your site, while Pay Per Click means money made from lead conversions. In other words, money made from visitors actually clicking on the adverts. To know more kindly read up google AdSense and how it works


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is simply selling products for another person online or in other words, its simply recommending a product to buyers on your blog and get paid a certain commission from the money made from the sale. Almost all online eCommerce websites have an affiliate program of some sort, example Jumia, Konga, Amazon, Topshop, Asos and Apple. For more information on how you can start affiliate marketing here in Nigeria, kindly read up this article how to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria


As a blogger, you can make money from endorsement from big company that are into your niche. These companies may decide to endorse you as their ambassador in for you to publicize their products through your blog. Endorsement could bring a lot of money into the table as some companies may be willing to pay you millions of Naira as their brand ambassador.

Creating sponsored post

You can also make money from creating sponsored posts here in Nigeria. Companies that are into your niche may decide to pay you to create contents on their products. This could be a hug stream of income depending on the company in question. Sponsored post is also very good it’s a two-two win cause you get to publicize your blog along the line as many get to read your contents.


Guest Blogging

You can also make money here in Nigeria from guest blogging. This may sound strange more especially to our new in the world of blogging. Guest blogging is simply creating contents for others and either get paid in return, or get a backlink from the website which you create the content for as the reward for your effort, time and energy spent in creating the content. Guest blogging for big companies and big websites can be very rewarding as you get paid hug amount of money in return or get a quality backlink sent to blog which will definitely go along way in increasing your google ranking. Read up our article on how to do guest blogging in Nigeria.


Selling your own product on your Blog

The last but not the least in our list of how you can make money through blogging in Nigeria is by selling of your own products.

You can choose to be selling your own products instead of selling for others and getting stipend in return. All you really have to do is to open a little online store, then use your blog to publicize your products. When people that want those products visit your blog, after reading about the product from the content you created, you then instead referring them to somewhere else where they could buy it, you refer them to your store where they could shop for it online and get it delivered to them by you.

This is a very wonderful and creative idea but the major issue is that for you to succeed, you really have to build trust from your audience who are now your potential customers. You have to make them see reasons why they should trust you. In other words you have to be reliable and trustworthy in both your content and relationship with them.

Selling your own products may not be that easy at the initial stage due to trust and other factors affecting us here in Africa and Nigeria as well, but with time when your customers and audience start trusting and patronizing your products, it definitely will pay off.

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