Just like we do choose blogging niche so does it apply on YouTube Video Making. Before you venture into making and uploading videos on YouTube, you need to consider some important factors such what type of video do I want to be uploading on YouTube, who are the people I want to reach out to, what type of video making will I suit best and other personal questions which you feel may affect the chances of your progress on YouTube if not properly considered.

The decision to choose a niche for YouTube Channel to venture into on YouTube Video making may seems to be a difficult for you as it often goes a long way to determine your chances of survival in the industry. The right niche will definitely increase your chance of success.


To choose the right niche for your YouTube channel you have to consider these major factors


You really need to ask yourself a serious questions here, questions like what can I do best, what is truly my passion, what are my so passionate about and will be willing to make videos about without complain and excuses, what do I truly love more than anything in the world? We at EmitraGovt, a subsidiary of SeegSat Incorporations loves educating the youths and teaching them legitimate ways of making money as a Nigerian. That is the major reason why we created this content believing that it will be of help to you.

Passion is the fuel that burns down every obstacle on the way to our dreams. Doing what we are passionate about, we often go extra miles just to achieve our desire and bring our visions to reality. Choosing a niche, you have passion for puts you 1000 steps ahead and give you better odds of succeeding. So our kindly advice for you is to look inward in yourself dig out that which you love most no matter how unlucrative it may look, its your edge ahead of your competitors and the world at large. Our passion makes us unique and this you should definitely have in mind.


knowledge they say is the key to freedom, both financial and other wise. What you know is equivalent to what you have. No man offers what he knows nothing about.

So, in choosing niche for your YouTube video channel, knowledge plays a vital role. First of all, what do you know most about? What can you create videos about without pirating another person’s work? What is your greatest area of specialty? These questions above will definitely help you to select the right niche for your YouTube channel.

Secondly just like we said earlier on passion, no matter how unlucrative your knowledge may seem, always give it a try to know whether it can sell or not and never always be in a rush to stop just because you felt you aren’t seeing the anticipated result immediately. Be patient and consistent that all we could advise you about.



How competitive is the niche you want to venture into? This question may seem easy to answer but beyond the answer comes the true answer to the question. How competitive is my intended niche is a question you thoroughly need to research on? In this article captioned how to choose a niche for YouTube channel we are going to split YouTube niche competitiveness into three; low, medium and highly competitive niche.

Low competitive niche and how to choose one for your YouTube Channel

These are YouTube niche with low competition. Most channels that are into this niche has low subscribers and  are little in number.


There are high chances for starters and you can easily survive with little or no much competitions


Low viewers and subscribers. Since the main motive for every video you make and upload on YouTube is to have viewers and subscribers, which in return brings cool cash back into your pocket, this category of niche may not be ideal. But for starters, this category is often the best.

To know how to find such a niche, read our article low competitive YouTube niches and how to find one

Medium competitive niche and how to choose one for your YouTube Channel

These are YouTube niche that are neither competitive nor noncompetitively. In other words, they are in between competitivity line.


They often serve as a nice niche for beginners due to their traffic and also could be a rewarding niche to venture into.


Due to their competitiveness a hug amount of work is required for a beginner and this you may not be able to cope with.

To know how to find such a niche, read our article medium competitive YouTube niches and how to find one

Highly Competitive niche and how to choose one for your YouTube Channel

These are niche with high competition both in traffic search and in number of subscribers. Most YouTube channels ranking for this niche often high number of subscribers.


They have high search traffic and is the best for publicity and to make cool cash.


Due to the high numbers of channels into this niche, and their high number of subscribers, its more difficult to rank videos related to this niche for beginners.

To know how to find such a niche, read our article high competitive YouTube niches and how to find one


The last but not the least factor to consider before you choose a YouTube niche is the demand. How often do people watch videos related to the niche you intend to venture into? Its not just okay to create video, upload it on YouTube without reaching any viewer. The relevance of every niche is highly important.

Having considered these four fundamental factors listed above, you will stand a better chance of choose the right niche for your YouTube Channel and in return your decision will definitely reflect in your works and success story, as you now stand a high chance of succeeding in the industry of YouTube videos Services.


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