The price of most cryptocurrencies has been volatile in recent years, it been hardly to predict and most successful cryptocurrency traders has exploit this, over the years. The question now is what is it that differentiate a successful cryptocurrency trader from other cryptocurrency traders? This question, we are going to answer by teaching you how you can become a successful cryptocurrency trader, the step-by-step approach and other important tips on cryptocurrency trading you need to know. Remember, you can be the best cryptocurrency trader, only if you are willing to learn and put what you have learnt to practice. On the other hand, Nigeria herself,Read More →

In this article titled how to create a cryptocurrency business plan in Nigeria, we are going to teach you how you can create a succinct business plan for your cryptocurrency business here in Nigeria. Starting a cryptocurrency business in Nigeria could be complex due to government attitude toward cryptocurrency in the country. Below is a warning to the general public issued by Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC); The Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation NDIC issued a warning to citizens of the country about the risks of using cryptocurrencies due to the fact that the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) does not recognize their legitimacy, reports theRead More →

Nigeria is far behind in modernization and to the worsen the matter is the government behavior towards innovations and modern technologies. Trading cryptocurrency in Nigeria may look complicated since both the government and authorities are not in full support of cryptocurrency business. This account to some of the illegal arrest of some Nigerian youths who are currently into internet business which include those who are into trade of cryptocurrency in Nigeria, brandishing them as fraudsters. Irrespective of this major hindrance, some fragment of Nigeria youths still engages on cryptocurrency trading business, not just only as an additional source of income, but to some, as aRead More →

You may have been told that investing in cryptocurrency requires effort, sweat and time which is not actually far from the truth and this may have kept you wondering if its ever possible to earn free cryptocurrency out there in the internet without initial capital investment. Knowing that there is nothing like free money in reality but only exist in fairytales, you may start perceiving any research on how to earn free cryptocurrency online as a waste of time, energy and resources.  Well, I’m so glad to announce to you that this may not be as exactly as you may think its. There are waysRead More →

There are lot of opportunities through which a Nigeria can make money online from cryptocurrency business. though these methods may differ in nature of business but they all point towards one center point of origin. cryptocurrency stand the chance of the most creative, that’s if it not the most creative legitimate online business as long as 21st century is concern. Cryptocurrency or Crypto as its shortly referred to is a new type of digital currency or in other words the new generation currency as its mostly referred to of the 21th century. The invention of cryptocurrency has opened a new chain of business to theRead More →

The goal of every hustle is to make cool cash, no matter how small it may be but let it be consistent and steady. Making money from YouTube is not very easy but its far easier than making money from blogging. As videos sale more these days than written contents and a lot of people are not willing to read long articles but may be willing to watch videos that may take minutes. To monetize your channel, you need at least 4,000 watch hour and 1,000 subscribers which may not be easy to get for beginners and will definitely require a long period of time,Read More →

Just like we do choose blogging niche so does it apply on YouTube Video Making. Before you venture into making and uploading videos on YouTube, you need to consider some important factors such what type of video do I want to be uploading on YouTube, who are the people I want to reach out to, what type of video making will I suit best and other personal questions which you feel may affect the chances of your progress on YouTube if not properly considered. The decision to choose a niche for YouTube Channel to venture into on YouTube Video making may seems to be aRead More →

  Every laborer deserves a wage Creating contents is not easy and as such need a reward. To make money blogging here in Nigeria should be a necessity not an option. There are a lot of means through which you can make money online legitimately blogging here in Nigeria. We will discuss extensively some of these means hoping that it will expose you to some of the money-making channels that has never come to your mind. Below is the listing of these channels Advertising Google AdSense Affiliate marketing Endorsements Creating sponsored posts Guest Blogging Selling your own products on your Blog   Advertising Selling AdvertsRead More →

No man is a master of all trades that is why it is necessary for one to choose an area of specialization. What is blogging? Blogging is simply a means of sharing your ideas with the public using the internet as your communication medium. So, for you to start blogging at least it is expected that you have a significant knowledge of what you want to blog about. No man offers what he does not have, so therefore if you don’t have a concrete idea of the niche or area you intend to venture into, you are likely to fail. And this makes the needRead More →

The need to be financial independent can never be neglected and as such a lot of Nigerians are seeking for information on how to make money online in Nigeria. In pursuit of money a lot of Nigerians has choose to indulge into illegalities which include internet fraud among others. In this article titled how to make money online in Nigeria, we are going to discuss some few reliable and realistic means in which a Nigerian can comfortable make cool amount of money online on daily basics doing legitimate online business here in Nigeria Join our forum to meet others and to interact. Ways to makeRead More →